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            Chairman's message

            2018年10月22日 来源: 作者:系统管理员 浏览: 打印 分享到:

              Message from the chairman

              I am sincerely grateful to friends from all walks of life supporting the development of Magang!

              With unremitting efforts from generations of Magang people, especially since the “10th Five-year plan”, through successful implementation of two rounds of massive systematic technical renovation and structural adjustment project, Magang has undergone great changes. The main process and equipment have reached advanced first-class level and the capacity has stepped up on the 20 million ton platform. Magang “plate & strip, section steel, wire & rod and train wheel & tyre” have a unique competitive edge. The harmonious development of non-steel industry has laid a solid foundation for further transformation, upgrading and scientific development.

              New journey, new mission! Facing the grim situation of more and more severe over-capacity and homogenized product competition domestically, Magang will vigorously promote the spirit of “pioneering, innovation and creation” and unswervingly carry out the three strategic missions of “strengthening main business in iron & steel, developing non-steel industry and perfecting modern enterprise system.” Magang will occupy the market with varieties and quality, win the customers with quality service and promote the growth with transformation and upgrading and will build a humanistic, technological and green Magang with all efforts in making more contribution to shareholders, customers, employees and society.

              Sincerely looking forward to joining hands with new and old friends in cooperation and co-creating a better future!

              Wei Yao,

              Chairman and Secretary of the Communist Party Committee,

              Magang (Group) Holding Company Ltd.

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